Getting Started - Bitcoinz

Servers / Ports

We have 3 stratums spread all over the world: EU, US and Asia
US miners:
EU miners:
asia miners:
Url Port Vardiff Status
stratum+tcp:// 3071 Yes Online CPU miners
stratum+tcp:// 3072 Yes Online GPU miners
stratum+tcp:// 3073 Yes Online Mining Farms
stratum+tls:// 3074 Yes Online TLS supporting miners
stratum+tcp:// 3075 No Online Nicehash Miners


Username: Your Bitcoinz adress.worker , no Z-adress - Password: Anything

Mining Configuration - Download a miner and configure the miner

No rentals possible for 144_5 algo

Download miner here

Command to start the miner:
zhasher.exe -l <server>:<port> -u <address>.<worker> -p -t <threads>

zhasher.exe -l -u t1MS7wXH4gVV4LLvGSJrFqXnqwvzuYf1wge.computer1 -p -t 8
no miner yet for AMD?

Download EWBF miner here

EBWF miner:

Command to start the miner:
miner.exe --server <server> --user <address>.<worker> --pass --port <port> --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ

miner.exe --server --user t1MS7wXH4gVV4LLvGSJrFqXnqwvzuYf1wge.computer1 --pass --port 3072 --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ